Every day we all put an incredible amount of effort into keeping our websites & businesses running, backups are often overlooked if the web host you use doesn't provide them as standard, or just due to to the complexity. Backups are an extremely vital part of your business, that's why we've gone to great lengths to compare online backup services based on performance & not just price.

Plan Host Price Per GB
Linode Backup Linode $0.25
Amazon S3 Amazon Web Services
BU25 ServerDragon
BU50 ServerDragon
BU100 ServerDragon
BU500 ServerDragon
BU400 ServerDragon
BU300 ServerDragon
BU200 ServerDragon
Storage - Level 1 50TB Cloud
Storage - Level 2 50TB Cloud
Storage - Level 3 50TB Cloud
Storage - Level 4 50TB Cloud