A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a great step up from shared hosting, instead of sharing a server with hundreds of people you'll be increasing your resource pool giving your more share of CPU & RAM. Be wary in that every VPS host can be very different depending on how they set up their servers & how many other users you end up sharing resources with. That's why we've made is incredibly easy to compare VPS plans by our benchmark scores, so you know exactly what type of performance to expect for your money.


Plan Host Server Type Monthly Cost HDD RAM Virtualization
O64 SecureDragon VPS $1.59 3GB 64MB OpenVZ
64MiB Prgmr.com VPS $5.00 1.5GB 64MB Xen
O96 SecureDragon VPS $1.99 5GB 96MB OpenVZ
EU OpenVZ VPS 1 miniVPS VPS £1.50 5GB 96MB OpenVZ
OpenVZ 128MB BuyVM VPS $1.25 15GB 128MB OpenVZ
NZ Xen Lite QuickWeb VPS NZD $19.95 5GB 128MB Xen
USA Xen Lite QuickWeb VPS $9.95 5GB 128MB Xen
Germany Xen Lite QuickWeb VPS $9.95 5GB 128MB Xen
Budget Xen VPS 1 QuickWeb VPS $2.99 5GB 128MB Xen
Budget OpenVZ VPS 1 QuickWeb VPS $1.99 6GB 128MB OpenVZ
KVM 128MB BuyVM VPS $2.08 15GB 128MB KVM
Storage 128MB BuyVM VPS $7.50 250GB 128MB KVM
OpenVZ Basic ChicagoVPS VPS $1.00 10GB 128MB OpenVZ
KVM-128 Hostigation VPS $2.50 10GB 128MB KVM
OVZ-128 Hostigation VPS $1.67 10GB 128MB OpenVZ
O128 SecureDragon VPS $2.49 10GB 128MB OpenVZ
K128 SecureDragon VPS $3.99 5GB 128MB KVM
BU25 SecureDragon Backup VPS $2.99 25GB 128MB OpenVZ
BU50 SecureDragon Backup VPS $4.99 50GB 128MB OpenVZ
BU100 SecureDragon Backup VPS $6.99 100GB 128MB OpenVZ
BU500 SecureDragon Backup VPS $30.99 500GB 128MB OpenVZ
BU400 SecureDragon Backup VPS $24.99 400GB 128MB OpenVZ
BU300 SecureDragon Backup VPS $18.99 300GB 128MB OpenVZ
BU200 SecureDragon Backup VPS $12.99 200GB 128MB OpenVZ
TinyVPS IPXcore VPS $1.79 5GB 128MB OpenVZ
LFC-USA-128 LFCVPS VPS $3.50 10GB 128MB Xen
LFC-CAN-128 LFCVPS VPS $3.50 10GB 128MB Xen
VZ-128 VPS6.net VPS $3.33 10GB 128MB OpenVZ
XEN-128 VPS6.net VPS $3.66 10GB 128MB Xen
OVZ-VPS-128 Front Range Hosting VPS $1.50 5GB 128MB OpenVZ
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